Yoga Pants with a 3D Human Muscle Print

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You'll love this piece of yoga pants with a 3D human muscle printed sports/fitness leggings. These are a perfect companion for your fitness/yoga/workout sessions visually aiding you in what muscle groups will be used in each pose/workout session. These pants are made of eco-friendly cotton, polyester and spandex to give you a comfortable fit, a smooth feel while being flexible. The material is also breathable, quick-dry features to keep you cool throughout your yoga session.



  • Eco-friendly cotton, polyester, spandex material with broadcloth fabric for a best fit.
  • Fits true to the size with an elastic waist.
  • Breathable, comfortable, quick drying makes these pants a perfect fit for cooling off during or after yoga/workout.
  • The visual aid of muscle groups targeted with each asana or exercise routine gives you an extra boost to work out.

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