Women's Athleisure Wear - Full length, Super Stretchy Yoga Pants in Gradient Colors (Comes in 4 different colors)

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Meet your New Yoga partner -  this brand new, full length, super stretchy yoga pants designed to help you with intense yoga sessions. These fitness pants are a perfect fit for yoga, running and gym sessions. These pants are made of Lycra and spandex to provide a good compression while being comfortable. The elastic waist and full-length, straight, leggings provide a good support while breathable and quick-drying fabric keeps you cool throughout your yoga session. The sweat absorbing and wicking fabric dissipates moisture to keep you going throughout your yoga session.


  • Lycra & Spandex material with Knitted fabric for the soft touch and comfortable feel along with a nice fit.
  • Elastic waist, full-length leggings with a true-to-size fitting - makes this a comfortable fit.
  • Breathable, comfortable and quick drying fabric for a comfortable yoga/gym session 
  • Sweat absorbing and wicking fabric for keeping your body cool throughout the yoga session.
  • They come in 4 colors - blue, Grey, Watermelon Red and Hot Red.




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