Womens Yoga Compression Pants with Mesh Leggings

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Enjoy your Yoga / Gym sessions with this comfortable yoga pants with mesh leggings. Its made of eco-friendly cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex with broadcloth fabric to provide good compression while being comfortable & flexible. The material has quick drying, breathable and wicking features to absorb moisture and keep you cool throughout your exercise routine. The elastic waist with straight cut pants are ideal for yoga and running. 

It comes in 2 different colors red and black)to mix-n-match with your other outfits. 


  • Made of Eco-friendly cotton, spandex, nylon and polyester with broadcloth fabric to give you good compression while being flexible for your asanas.
  • The fabric has Wicking properties to absorb moisture and keep you cool throughout your yoga sessions.
  • The styling of this pant is ideal for yoga or running - elastic waist with straight cut. 
  • Quick drying, breathable fabric to keep you cool throughout your yoga sessionSizing Chart:.

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