15mm, Non-slip, Sticky, Yoga Mat

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This mat is a perfect fit for all the yogi's and Yogini's that like some extra cushion while doing their Yoga. The 15 mm thickness along with extra padding allows for luxurious smoothness while doing your asanas - protecting your joints from hard surfaces. This mat is made of PVC material which helps in giving you the extra stickiness you need while performing asanas. Despite its thickness, this mat is extra light and is extremely portable with just the right size for you to carry along. It's also reversible - so you can do your asanas on either side - giving you more bang for your buck and of course more choice. And because of its construction, the moisture cannot penetrate this mat and cause germs to build-up. It's also pretty easy to clean.


  • Cushioning - Added cushion for a luxurious feel while protecting your joints.
  • Portable - Super lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Hygienic - Repels moisture & bacteria.
  • Reversible - Can be used on both sides
  • Sticky & Slip Resistant - Because of the PVC material, this yoga mat is sticky and slip resistant - gives you an added grip while performing asanas.
  • Comes in multiple colors - Purple, yellow, orange, light blue, blue, pink, red, green, light green



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