How to choose the right yoga clothes (Female)

How to select the right Yoga Outfit

You need to be comfortable, flexible and be able to concentrate on Yoga. You will be doing a lot of asanas and moving into variety of positions - you should choose your yoga clothes carefully so that they stay on you, make you feel comfortable at all times.

Choosing the right Top:

  1. Choose a functional top: You should pick a top that covers you complete even while moving around and doing asana. If you constantly need to adjust your shirt – it’s a big distraction.
  2. Try a tank top: One popular option is a tank top. Most tank tops are stretchy and form-fitting (make sure that it doesn’t cause irritation/itches while changing positions. Pick a long tank top – so that it doesn’t flip over when you bend.
  3. Don’t forget a bra: You’d want to invest in a sports bra specifically for Yoga. It doesn’t need to be as heavy as the one for running – it can be lightweight as long as it provides the necessary support you need.

          - Some women wears sports bras exclusively to do yoga in. They skip the tank top              altogether – particularly for hot yoga
          - Consider buying a top that has built-in bra.
         - Or you can try a sleeveless vest with incorporated sports bras – as they give you             the comfort of a fitness top and sports bra in one.Layer for cooler areas: You                   might want to consider layered tops in cooler areas or outdoor yoga. You might               want a zip-up hoodie or a light shawl on top of your shirt.

      4. Layer for cooler areas: You might want to consider layered tops in cooler areas or          outdoor yoga. You might want a zip-up hoodie or a light shawl on top of your shirt.

Choosing Yoga Pants or Shorts:

  1. Decide on type of pants: There are different types of pants – leggings, straight-legged, compression pants, Capri etc., Leggings are a good choice – they hug the body while being stretchable. Make sure they aren’t too loose. Also try to go for something light-weight.
  2. Capri tights: Another option is capri tights. They should be lightweight and breathable. Also they should be thick enough so that you feel comfortable wearing them.
  3. Check how high the waist band goes: A relatively high waistband might be a good thing for yoga. It helps your pant stay in place and covers up as you move. However, if its too high, it might get in your way as you try to bend. Try to pick one that sits at your natural waist.

Choosing Other Factors:

  1. Pick clothes that are form-fitting: Your clothing doesn’t need to so tight that you cannot move. However if its too loose, it might move around too much. Make it loose enough so that you can move but not so loose that it will float up or ride down.
  2. Choose the right fabric: For your yoga outfit, make sure to pick a material that is breathable, absorbent and/or keeps moisture away.
    1. You can also try a synthetic moisture-wicking fabric or natural fibers like cotton, bamboo etc,.
    2. Also you might want to choose a stretchy fabric that has a bit of spandex in it so its easier to move around.
  3. Go smooth: Try purchasing tagless shirts, tops, pants, shorts with a smooth waistband.
  4. Skip jeans: jeans are restrictive and are very restrictive – so its best to skip jeans when practising yoga. This also holds true for other restrictive materials like leather or corduroy.
  5. Know your body and your clothes: Yoga is about being comfortable and finding your center. If you already have clothes that you can move about and don’t make a lot of noise (you don’t want your crinking to distract others), don’t be afraid to try them out before investing in brand new yoga clothes.
  6. Choose colors, patterns that make you happy: Whether you prefer neutrals, dark colors or bright patterns, pick clothes that make you feel happy and comfortable.


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