About us

Our mission is to empower healthy and sustainable life choices.

The idea of Lehiri was born out of my personal experience – a need to find organic, sustainable clothing at an economical price. Millenials are thinking about health and wellness and would like to make changes to their daily routine – adding yoga/gym to their schedule but are not sure how to start and what to do next?

I’ve decided to start Lehiri as a service to our community by making information available about health and wellness while providing sustainable and eco-friendly products.

 At Lehiri Co. we created a carefully curated,  well-edited and researched collection of yoga products and life style items that are sustainable/eco-friendly. We also are creating blogs to source information on blending yoga and exercise into your lifestyle.

Through Lehiri co, our mission is to find high quality, eco-friendly & sustainable products that reflect your lifestyle, personality and passion and make them available to our community at economical prices.

Om Shanti...Shanti...Shanti,