How I Founded Lehiri

Here is an excerpt from our founder:

It was a beautiful day in sunny San Diego in April 2015 and I was thinking about what the doctor just said – “You need to make changes to your lifestyle – your cholesterol is high, your body-mass index is above normal and if you keep going this route, you will have complications in life”. This started me to think of how I can incorporate changes in my life.

I was a normal guy with major life events happening to me at regular intervals. I got a good education and added double masters to the list. I fell in love with my best girl ever and got married few year later. We had two beautiful kids who changed our lives forever. And like most people, our life just moved on – until we hit a road block – a health complication that revealed our current physical state.

My wife and I made a pact that we will make a three-prong change in our lives – healthy & nutritious diet, a good long sleep and 30 min to an hour work out each day. I started thinking about going to gym and my wife started thinking about Yoga. Then we looked into the financial aspect of this decision. We both needed to get clothes (gym and yoga outfits). I looked at big-box stores, specialized stores & online stores and I found that there were too many choices and each of them was expensive. For me to get ready for the gym, I had to invest in at least 2 pairs of pants and tops, a gym bag, shoes and this would cost me around $200.00. The same with my wife. We questioned whether we should be investing that much when we were not sure if we would be using these cloths long term. I could potentially decide that gym is not my thing and switch to swimming and my wife could switch to running. If we decide to make that switch in a month then all the investment we made on our clothes will be a waste of money.

This gave me a thought of curating gym/yoga products for all newbies like me. I wanted to provide an opportunity to all the millennials who are in a similar position. I wanted to provide guidance, education and a selection of natural, eco-friendly but also an economical selection of products. This is the beginning of Lehiri.